Dear Valued Customer,

I’m so honored and delighted that you are viewing our website!  Since we started Clown N Around Entertainment in 2014, Our customers have treasured the elements that sets our entertainment apart. A big part of the show is you! With your hungriness for our entertainment allows our team to feed you and your guest FUN, FIRE, and ENERGY!

Our team of professionals have heightened the level of excellence in the children’s entertainment industry locally and nationally. As the company continues to grow, our team continues to raise the bar of excellence as we produce the highest caliber of show experiences. Always remember, we come to shift the atmosphere like never before!

Lastly, I wish I can make every event possible, due to our high demand Its impossible! However, if I’m not there, our overflow team will take good care of you! All of them are trained under my leadership and will ensure a great experience.

We look forward to your event!


Director & Founder