Chick-fil-A’s Mother/Son Night

Bringing in the superheroes to save the fun

The Company

Since opening in 1946, Chick-fil-A has been known for its outstanding customer service, ethical values, and exquisite food. Creating the new customer-centric standard of providing service with a genuine positivity, the restaurant chain has expanded from Hapeville, Georgia to over 2400 across the United States.


In an effort to create more meaningful relationships with its customers, Chick-fil-A created a Mother and Son Event to strengthen the bond between families while simultaneously showing their dedication to enriching the relationships between the stores and the community. For the event, professional entertainment was needed to match the fun-filled atmosphere. Additionally, there was a need to build the morale of both the employees and the guests at that particular location.


  • Balloon Artists
  • Special Characters
  • Entertainment Staff
  • Event Staff
  • Concession Staff
  • Photography Staff


Chick-fil-A partnered with Clown N’ Around to create a positive atmosphere for families by developing a superhero-themed dance party. Guests were invited to come into the restaurant to get food, engage with superhero characters, and join in with other children as they danced to kid-friendly music. There was an excellent turnout and the result was a successful event and happy customers. 

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