McDonald’s Family Night

From low sales to Wacky Wednesdays


The golden arches of McDonald’s has become an iconic trademark in the restaurant industry. Since its inception over 75 years ago, McDonald’s has grown to be the pillar of fast food and a widely recognized name across the globe. 


Although the restaurant had a good number of sales on the weekend, every Wednesday night was extremely slow. This particular location was experiencing lower than normal sales and a severe lack of customer engagement. As a result, the location was underperforming. They sought to devise a strategy that would bring more people into the restaurant on Wednesday in the hope of increasing overall sales.


  • Clowns
  • Face-Painter
  • Balloon Artists
  • Puppeteers


The McDonalds franchise partnered with Clown N’ Around to create a weekly Wednesday Family Night which would provide children with live entertainment and activities while they enjoyed their meals. Each week, we came up with a different theme so that parents would be encouraged to come each and every Wednesday so that their children can have a different experience. We had provided arts & crafts stations, puppet shows, clowns, face painting, balloon art, storytelling, and other interactive activities. As a result of the partnership, the McDonalds was able to meet its weekly sales goals and provide a better experience for the community.

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